Is Beer Die The Greatest Drinking Game Of All Time?

August 3, 2018

Diving catches are frickin sweet, so beer die is obviously the sweetest game. What are the rules you ask? Patience, I'll get to that. Long story short, opposing bros play, all the boys drink and everyone has a sick ass time. Ask anyone in college, beer die is the sickest. So sick.

Here's how to play:


  • 4 players
  • A table
  • Beer
  • Die
  • Glasses (optional)

Set up:

  • Place a cup full of beer on each corner of the table.
  • Two teams of two. On team on each side of the table
  • Mark a middle line in the table with tape, or rocks, or a hockey stick or McDonald's toys (like I use). The table should look like this:
Beer Die Setup


  • You can play to 9, 11 or 21 points. The first team to reach the number (win by 2) wins the game.
  • Each team of 2 takes turns tossing the die in the air.
Tossing die in the air
  • The goal is to land the die on the opposing team’s side of the table so that it bounces off the table and onto the ground.
  • The defending team tries to catch the die once it bounces off the table, but before it touches the ground like this:
Beer die rules
  • If the defense does not catch the die, the offense gets a point.

Detailed Rules:

  • Two points: The offense shoots the die into the opponent’s cup (2 points for offense and the defense must drink their entire beer).
How to play beer die
  • One point: The defense drops the die after a shot (1 point for opposing team).
  • A shot must be at least 10 feet high. If it doesn’t reach 10 feet, the opposing team gets the die (you know how high high is Chris you have a pot problem okay).
Beer die regulation height
  • Before a die is thrown, the offensive team must make sure the defense is ready because die is a gentlemen's game. Typically, the offense will say something like “die up” or “die high” to get the opposing team’s attention. I personally yell "sports!" because, well, I love sports.
  • A catch must be made with one hand. No catching using your body. We call this a cradle and only babies use cradles... TYLER.
Proper catch in beer die
  • A shot is considered dead if it does not bounce off the table. No bounce = No dice... See what I did there?
beer die rules for beginners

When To Drink:

  • If you get scored on, take a sip.
  • If you’re the offensive team and miss the table, take a sip.
  • If the opposing team “sinks” your cup, you must drink the whole cup.
  • Both defensive players finish their beer if the opposing team shoots the die into a cup. People call this plunking, sinking, or splashing.

Alternative Rules:

  • Kill and fill: When the opposing team scores 4, 8, and 11 points, the other team must drink their whole beer and fill it back up. This is how you get absolutely sloshed.
Chugging beer for beer die

Beer die is obviously the greatest drinking game of all time because, well, it's sick as shit. Find me a sicker drinking game and we can talk. Until then, "Sports!"

Stay Weird & Slam Beer

Slamming beer baby
Dylan Sorenson

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