Champagne Sabering World Record

June 27, 2018

Ever tried setting a Guinness World Record?Neither had we until we realized we needed something big for the release of our 4 all-new New Year's Eve animal print suits. We wanted a world record that encompassed danger, champagne, and finesse.The answer layed in the art of...

FFWD To NYE Suits  
But what exact record to break?

Seemed intriguing at first, but who the hell has a 13" Arabian Saber on hand? And, if we're being honest, we haven't gone 1-minute or more since we found topical testosterone cream at 17. Then We Saw The Lowest Hanging Fruit.

And We Fuggin' Went For It

Naturally, we prematurely popped our top knowing a world record was moments away.

 We used science as a loophole and chilled the contact point to a brittle base.

And set the... 

Oh, and we almost lost a finger in the process. 


With the record in our back pocket, our bellies full of the world's biggest mimosa, and blood as our sacrifice,We Present...

I'll Pop That Button

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