Flip Cup: An Insiders Guide To Never Losing Flip Cup Again

July 27, 2018

A staple at any backyard boozer, flip cup allows you to drink metric tons of beer in a matter of minutes and build valuable team working skills. Stay calm under pressure and Flip Cup is your best friend, a lifelong companion. Panic, and you could bring total dishonor to your ancestors and be forever in debt to the flip cup gods. 

Here's how to play flip cup:


Flip Cup materials
  • 6-8 people, or as many as you can get with an even number.
  • Enough red solo cups to fill the Atlantic (a pack will do).
  • Beer of your choice. Our choice is Montucky Cold Snacks.
  • A table that you don’t mind ruining. 


How to pick teams in flip cup
  • Divide into two teams.
  • Each player gets a cup, the cup should be filled roughly ¼ full of beer and lined up opposite each other.
How much beer do you use in flip cup
  • The teams should line up along the table facing each other, one team on each side.
How to play the drinking game flip cup


  • After the teams have been picked and everyone is lined up, the two end players can begin the game.
How to start flip cup drinking game
  • To begin, start with a ceremonial gesture. The “down-up-down-chug” method is a classic. This has been passed down from generation to generation, from elder to kin. But my friends and I usually use a mini cannon (no joke).
  • The first opponents drink their beer as quickly as they can, place the empty cup halfway off the table and attempt to flip it so it stands upside down. The flip should look like this:
Flip cup drinking game
  • Once the cup is flipped, the next player in line slams their beer and flips, and so on.
  • The first team to drink all their beer and flip all their cups wins.
How to play the drinking game flip cup
  • Repeat until everyone is completely smashed.


  • Bringing dishonor to your family.


  • ‍NEVER flip your cup twice. It’s a simple one-step flip, don’t try and fancy things up. Play it simple and you will win. Trust me, I never win.
flipadelphia it's always sunny in Philadelphia

Stay Weird & Single Flip Only

Flip cup drinking game how to
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