How To Play Rage Cage: An Advanced Guide For Beginners

August 13, 2018

Depending on where you went to college, or at least spent your formative years playing drinking games, you probably know this game by one of many names. Rage Cage, Stack Cup, Slap Cup, or even Bouncy Bouncy Ping Pong Cup Game (let’s go NC State!) To say Rage Cage will get you drunk is an understatement. This game is an all-out, no-holds barred, smackdown of high speed boozin’ where the only thing that matters is raw skill, precision, and an iron gut.

Playing Rage Cage Stack Cup

Bounce the ball in the cup, pass it down, slam it in the stack to the left, win eternal glory.

  • Material
Rage Cage Materials For Drinking Game
  • Four to so many people
  • A table
  • A pack of solo cups
  • 2 pong balls
  • Beer
  • Rules
  • Place a lot of cups in the center of the table and fill them with fine craft lager (Bud Light). Make sure you fill the center cup completely, and the rest about a 3rd full.

<still: table setup>

Rage Cage Table Setup
  • Starting from opposite sides of the table, 2 players take a cup from the middle, drink it, and the game begins.
Rage Cage Drinking Game Rules
  • The same players must bounce a ping pong ball into the cup before it can move to the next person.
  • Once it bounces in, the cup is passed to the next player (clockwise). If a player makes it on their first try, they pass it to anyone accept for the one stacking.
  • If you make a ball in your cup and the player to your left is trying to bounce a ball in, you can stack your cup on theirs, forcing them to grab a new cup to drink, and the stack gets passed one more spot to the left.
Rage Cage Rules Stacking Cups
  • The game continues until all the cups are gone. Repeat indefinitely.
  • Difficulty to explain drunk
  • From personal experience, don’t try and explain rage cage while you’re drunk. I had no idea what I was doing, some slosh bucket named Tim tried explaining and everyone was pissed when I messed up the whole game. Thanks Tim.
  • Drunkness
  • Very, very, very drunk. 3 verys, much drunk.
  • Alternatives
  • Slap Cup:

<gif: slapping a cup like a gawd damn boss>

Slap Cup Drinking Game Rules

  • Instead of stacking the cups and allowing the stack to grow, you can slap your opponent’s cup away with a sense of gusto, machismo, and general lack of regard for the emotional state of your opponent.
Austin Rosmarin

Having been raised by a wild, feral pack of Staten Islanders, Austin grew up on a subsistence diet of Kosher hot dogs, car exhaust, and self-loathing. His decision making skills have been described as “worse than most”, and doctors have diagnosed him as “malignantly average”. In addition to writing for this blog and checking out sick memes on the daily, Austin has done countless other things to disappoint his parents. Without the approval of strangers for his less than witty musings, his e-meter OT and PC ratings will drop and he will have to return to the Church of Scientology to correct the imbalance. Don’t let his OT and PC ratings drop.

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