Your Dirtiest Order Notes Are Here

July 3, 2018

We weren't ready for what you told us.We knew our ball hammocks were so soft they'd be worn but seldom felt.We knew the pouch would keep your baby makers coddled and ready to create the next generation at the drop of a belt buckle.But, we weren't ready for you to expose yourselves to us... The Byproducts Of Ball Hammocks We Never Imagined-As told by you

The little blue pill became useless

Increase Hormone Levels


Unsolicited peeps under the hood

The Mascot American Flag Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs

Get A Nude, Send A Nude


Status as the Second Greatest Invention of all time

Get A Buzz For Your Balls

*Uncle Sam Is For Subscription Only*


Amplification of EVERYTHING

The Coney Islands Hot Dog Ball Pouch Boxer Briefs

Magnify Your Man Piece


They...well, wow.

We Don't Know How To Compare This Benefit


We knew you were a pack of party animals, but we didn't expect you all to be modern-day Hemmingways. Now, throw your cotton undies away, put your pair in a pair, and show the world the only forbidden fruit should be Of The Loom.

But, most importantly, keep those order comments coming.

Let Me Write My Own Byproduct


(enter a shameless plug for Father's Day that our boss made us put in here)

Give Him The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Take a hint - pops doesn't need another coffee mug (the man can already peel the porcelain right off his throne as is).

Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs

Subscribe 'n' Save 35%

And Give The Old Man Scrotal Serenity


Stay Weird & Shine On


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